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Testimonials from happy clients who have used Ocaso Media   

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Lt. Col. Sargis Sangari (US ARMY, Ret.

CEO Near East Center for Strategic Engagement
Founder United Assyrian Appeal

A few months ago I began to use the PR services of Bill McIntosh of OCASOMEDIA. I got way more than I ever could have expected. Besides getting 11 interviews my first day (and a total of over 70 interviews including on National TV, national radio and online publications during the whole campaign) Ocaso Media has performed above the call of duty in ways I would not have imagined. Among these is convincing me to set up the United Assyrian Appeal which has received over $70,000 to help Assyrian Christian Military families in need; formulating objectives for our effort to help secure a permanent footprint for Assyrian Christians in their ancient homeland; obtaining two PSA advertisements on SIX radio shows; securing a tribute to the Assyrian military forces from a former US Congressman and from two American historians; co-producing a one time satellite broadcast to Assyrians in the Mid east; editing COUNTLESS press releases and articles on the turn of a dime and even taking upon himself sensitive assignments to help Assyrian and other Christians in need in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. Throughout he has acted with zeal and even encouraged me numerous times when, frankly, the outlook seemed quite grim. For a guy who lives in Peru he achieves a great deal. Use Ocasomedia-a PR firm that charges little but does a LOT!

 "I highly recommend Bill McIntosh & the services of OCASOMEDIA"          
 Chicago area writer & Bereavement Speaker Gene Kiepura-author of Back to Tonic

On the recommendation of a fellow author I hired Bill McIntosh to promote my book Back to Tonic. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Bill’s powerfully crafted media release drew immediate attention to my book and provided me with a busy schedule of interviews within days of his sending out the press release. I have been interviewed across the United States as well as Talk Radio Europe. 

Just over two weeks after the release my publisher sent me an email stating, “Your publicist must be doing a great job, your numbers are twenty-seven paperback and four-hundred-seventy hardcover books.” The interviews and sales continue at a steady pace. Bill helped hone my interviewing skills and his advice has greatly improved my on-air presentation. He works tirelessly creating new opportunities for my book to get noticed and he explores every avenue available. I highly recommend Bill McIntosh & the services of OCASOMEDIA" 

"Bill McIntosh is an amazing radio publicist who bought into the concept of my book, “Diary of a Mall Santa,” and...helped me to sell my stories to tens of thousands of listeners.  Within a blink of the eye, he had booked me on numerous radio shows for live interviews.  He knows the producers and the popular radio personalities, and that helps.  He works fast, efficiently and his PR fees are a fraction of what other public relations firms charge.  The service provided by Ocasomedia Makes me want to write another book, and hire Bill to help me promote it.  .... now I feel like I have a new friend for life. .."

Stewart Scott, Former Advertising Executive & Author  Diary of a Mall Santa

 Lt-. Col Sargis Sangari


From Investigative journalist Andrew Kerr

"In September 2016 I found myself in a precarious situation. I had recently decided to forego a budding career in technology to become a full-time journalist. I was sitting on an incredibly complex story of national importance, but had no knowledge of the inner workings of the media world, let alone contacts in the industry.  What good is a story if nobody sees it?


That's where Bill McIntosh of OCASOMEDIA came in. Bill partnered with me for close to a year-and-a-half to help promote me and my story. Bill authored countless press releases and scheduled dozens of radio interviews on shows across the country, including some nationally syndicated radio programs. He also spent countless hours coaching me on how to effectively present my complex story in an easily digestible manner for the masses. But my working relationship with Bill went far and beyond issuing press releases and scheduling interviews.


What I valued most about my working relationship with Bill is that he became an active participant in helping me cover my story. Bill worked tirelessly with me to promote my story because he understood it was a story that needed to be told. We spent hours on the phone on every stage of the story strategizing how to best move forward. On his own initiative, he put me in contact with a number of subject matter experts throughout the duration of our working relationship. Prior to working with Bill, my professional network in media was non-existent. With his help I now have a growing network of contacts that I can lean on for the rest of my career. All this for a fraction of the cost of what other public relations firms charge…I feel indebted to Bill for all the work he did for me over the past year-and-a-half."

Andrew Kerr,

Founder The Citizen's Audit

Book Signing in Texas:

Thank you for your exceptional efforts in promoting the book signing I just had at Barnes and Noble at the Shops at La Cantera in San Antonio. You really went the extra distance on this.

Finding all those opportunities to list my "event" online was amazing! ...Your knowledge about this really made a difference. It seemed that people just kept showing up in droves to talk with me about the book almost throughout the entire time I was slated to be there!


I'll definitely count on your knowledge about this for the next out of town book signings!


Thanks so very much for being my partner and helping me continue to get visibility for my book You Aren't Depression's Victim. I really appreciate you!!


Yours, Debra Atlas
Author You Aren't Depression's Victim



Pray and give to help Assyrian Christians

Donate to help the poor families of the Assyrian Christian soldiers who have fought Isis in Iraq. The United Assyrian Appeal is a 501 C3. Your Donation is tax deductible.

A few testimonials from happy clients who have used OcasoMedia follow below....

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