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 Below are a few segments from our Friday´s Rapid Fire Radio format dealing with the topic issue of The Federal Reserve & interest rates featuring Steven Moore; Dr Paul Craig Roberts, Tres Knippa, Joe Cobb-former Staff Economist to Ron Paul and the man who drafted the legislation Public Law 99-185 to create the American Eagle gold bullion coinage; & Chris Kenneally of INVEST Financial Corp.    UA-58514491-1


Bill Martinez Live is a nationally syndicated radio show that reaches 280 plus American markets through the CRN digital network and other syndication. Bill is a seasoned radio show host and a tireless believer in American Exceptionalism. OCASOMEDIA Director Bill McIntosh is producer of the show and books important guests such as Walter Williams, F Lee Bailey, Ex secret Service Agent Clint Hill who accompanied Jackie and John F. Kennedy to Parkland Hosìtal; Vincent Bugliosi, former Johnny Carson confidant Henry Bushkin; Blackwater founder Erik Prince, Joe Pistone whose extraordinary life as an FBI agent who infiltrated deep into the mafia became the basis of the movie Donnie Brasco; Economist Steven Moore of the Wall Street Journal, and other famous figures. 

Steve Moore, Paul Craig Roberts & Joe Cobb - Bill Martinez Live
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