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A Small Army is Fighting the Islamic State to protect the Assyrian People






Tough soldiers deny ISIS full control of key strategic area-The Assyrian Nineveh Plain-Dwekh Nawsha

forces defend Christians in Iraq & Syria.....created when their wives sold their gold wedding rings & crosses to arm them!


Dwekh Nawsha Commander Emmanuel Khoshaba is available for interviews  contact call 305-396-2806


Fortunately, and just as they were about to move out with ZERO firearms and just two vehicles, five of the Assyrian wives in the group stepped forward and offered their wedding rings and gold crosses to be sold enabling them to purchase of weapons and ammunition.


Thus armed, they drove off down the road into the battlefield, recovering weapons others had abandoned. Before them and scattered in dozens of pockets and in dire jeopardy of death or capture by ISIS were thousands of elderly, mothers and their children, women giving birth and wounded who struggled to move towards safety in blistering August heat. As the small Assyrian force advanced towards Bakufa (18 miles from Mosul) they witnessed Kurdish troops in civilian clothes going  in the opposite direction away from the battle that they were tasked to engage in for the sake of the Assyrians in their ancestral homelands on the Assyrian Nineveh Plain.


At the same time, with God´s help, American warplanes began strikes against ISIS forces advancing on Erbil. Khoshaba comments: "Soon enough my 12-man team was working to extract Assyrian families from the battle zone, even though these families and their rescuers would sporadically come under direct and indirect fire from ISIS units. The reality was that in places the enemy was in front of you and in other locations you ran into him as you moved these people to the rear back into Ankawa, the Assyrian security point in Erbil."


The fledgling Assyrian Army established a FLOT (Forward Line of Troops) in Bakufa after first battling to advance there and picking up additional Assyrians volunteering to fight. Soon after their numbers ascended to approximately 60 men and women and they engaged ISIS in intense combat. Khoshaba´s fighting force-now known as the “Dwekh Nawsha” constitute the Assyrian Military Army confronting the Islamic State and helping to stem their murderous advance.  The “Dwekh Nawsha” includes fighters from foreign countries and seeks direct military aid  to fight Islamic State forces effectively in the biggest flashpoint of the Mid East-the Assyrian Homelands of Iraq & Syria. Their courage has denied the Islamic State the ability to take full control of the key strategic area known as the Assyrian Nineveh Plain. 


In August 2014 after Islamic State mortar attacks, kidnappings, killings and  massacres of hundreds of Assyrians and the capture  of  towns and villages on the Assyrian Nineveh Plain precipitated a mass exodus of 100,000 people, a group of twelve  men under the able leadership of Emanuel Khoshaba left Erbil to coordinate their defense, rescue and evacuation. 

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